1/28/16 - Winter storm Jonas

NY area airports were closed due to the January 23/24 blizzard. Our magazines could not leave Frankfurt airport until Tuesday January 26th. All magazines normally mailed on Monday were mailed on Wednesday January 27th.

1/14/16 - Frau im Spiegel 2/16 unavailable

Frau im Spiegel 2/2016 is not available. All subscriptions have been automatically extended to make up for the missing issue. For all other titles, please allow extra delivery time due to the post office closure on Martin Luther King day.

12/31/15 - Holiday delays

Many subscribers are experiencing mail delays during the seasonal holidays. These are due to mail volume. Additionally, the post office has been closed on some days, and air freight from Germany has not arrived in the US on the days expected. Also, because of freight irregularities, the midweek flight that brings many popular magazines like Neue Post and Freizeitrevue did not arrive on December 30. Please expect more delays until after the New Year's holiday.

12/3/15 - General delays

We continue to receive calls that people are receiving issues 47, 48 and 49 later than expected. They were all mailed on time, and we don't know exactly what is causing the delays. There is a possibility that some of the delays may be related to bad weather. Please also allow some additional time for delivery around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

11/5/15 - Issues 45

Once again, subscribers from all over the country are letting us know that issues 45 of Bunte, Freizeitrevue, Neue Post and many others have yet to be delivered. They were mailed on time on October 29. We apologize, once again, since we have no good explanation for these continueing delays.

1/5/15 - Mail Service Standards as of January 2015

On January 5, 2015 the Postal Services announced lower service standards and slower mail delivery. This mail slowdown enables the closure or consolidation of 82 mail processing facilities and threatens up to 15,000 jobs.


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