11/20/14 - Flight Delays

Due to aircraft maintenance problems, Die Zeit, Gala and Stern issue 48 are being delayed this week and cannot be mailed until Friday the 21st.

11/10/14 - Delays and Post Office closings

Due to the late arrival of our freight from Europe, Der Spiegel, Focus, Welt am Sonntag and many titles from Croatia are going to be delayed. For our subscribers, we cannot mail these titles until Wednesday, as the post office will be closed on Tuesday for Veterans' Day.

10/30/14 - Weeklies Issue 45 late

The weekly magazines scheduled to be mailed today will be mailed on Friday the 31st instead. They were delayed at the airport in Germany.

10/23/14 - Some delays

We are receiving some reports that magazines like Bunte, mailed on October 16th, are being delayed. We don't know the reason, they were mailed on time.

10/16/14 - Some delays

We have been receiving many calls that our mailings are being delayed. Everything was mailed on time, and we don't know of any specific reason for these delays. Die Aktuelle No. 42 came in late from Germany and is being mailed today instead of Monday. Please also keep in mind that the post office was closed for Columbus Day this week and mailings will all be affected. If you do not receive an issue at all, we will gladly extend your subscription for the missing issue.


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