6/16/16 - Scattered delays

Although all magazines were mailed on time, we are getting reports here and there that they are running late. Please keep in mind that delivery within a given number of days is not guaranteed, and sometimes may take a little longer.

6/2/16 - Bunte 23 and others late

Due to a freight error, Bunte, Bella, Super Illu and Laura 23, and the Kicker edition from this past Monday did not arrive in New Jersey today. We are working with the airline to locate the missing issues. They will be mailed as soon as they arrive at our warehouse.

5/26/16 - Neue Post and Das Neue Blatt No. 21

They came in late and could only be mailed on Friday May 20. Please expect some delays.

4/28/16 - Delays for issues 18

Due to a strike at Frankfurt airport our Wed 4-27-16 shipment with weeklies #18 arrives one day late on Thu 4-28-16. Affected weeklies are Bunte, Bella, Das Neue Blatt, Echo der Frau, Frau im Spiegel, Freizeitrevue, Neue Post, Neue Welt, Tina, Laura, Lisa, Kicker and Super Illu. They will all be mailed one day later than usual.

4/12/16 - Issues 14

Issues 14 of many of our popular weekly magazines were mailed on time on March 31 and April 1. Unfortunately, we are receiving many calls that the issues have not been received by our subscribers. We don't know what is causing the delay. We do know from some customers that the issue has now been delivered, often after issue 15 had already arrived.

1/5/15 - Mail Service Standards as of January 2015

On January 5, 2015 the Postal Services announced lower service standards and slower mail delivery. This mail slowdown enables the closure or consolidation of 82 mail processing facilities and threatens up to 15,000 jobs.


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