9/18/14 - Issues 37 and 38

We are getting calls from customers who have not yet received their issues 37 and 38, mailed on Sept. 4th and 11th, respectively. Both issues were mailed on time and we don't know the cause of the delays.

9/2/14 - Labor Day Holiday

Please allow extra delivery time for all titles as the Postal Service was closed over the holiday weekend.

8/14/14 - No known delays

All publications mailed on or after August 7th appear to be on schedule and should arrive approximately when you expect them.

8/7/14 - Issues 32 delayed

We are receiving reports from customers whose issues 32 were mailed on July 31 that they have not received them. They were mailed on time and we have no idea what is causing the delay. If you have not received #32 by the time you get #33, let us know and we will extend your subscription free of charge.

7/31/14 - Few delays

All mailings from July 24th on were mailed on schedule and should arrive when you expect them.

12/5/11 - Post Office Closings

Important announcement about postal delivery:

The Postal Service announced the closing of roughly 250 of the nearly 500 mail processing centers across the country as early as March 2012. The consolidations will typically lengthen the distance mail travels from/to the local post office to/from a mail processing center. Mailers can no longer expect next-day delivery in surrounding communities. Additionally, the USPS recently announced that delivery standards have been relaxed. All mail, even First Class, will take at least a day (or two) longer than earlier this year. You can be assured we are committed to providing our customers with timely and efficient magazine and newspaper delivery.


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