Our business hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 to 5:00, Eastern time. During those hours, you can call us at 1-800-457-4443. If you are outside the USA call 1-201-871-1010.

You can also reach us by fax at 1-201-871-0870 or email us at

To help us find you in our records, please include your (or the recipients') name and zip code.

Mail Service

All publications are mailed from New York within hours of airport pickup, on the day of publication, regardless of the type of mail service you choose. Any delays are caused within the US Postal Service. If you live in the United States choose one of the following options: Periodical, First Class or Priority Mail. Most subscribers in the USA choose Periodical Service because it it the most economical. If you need to receive your subscription copy faster, we recomment First Class or Priority Mail. If you live outside the United States choose the Airmail option. We no longer offer surface mail delivery since the postage rates are nearly identical to Air Mail.

Sometimes issues get lost, and whenever possible we will replace missing issues free of charge. If we no longer have the issue in stock, we will extend your subscription to make up for missing issues. If delivery is very erratic, we can complain to your post office.


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