THREADS review

In the October 1998 issue of THREADS, Barbara Emody, sewing teacher and pattern maker, wrote in her column:

"Burda magazine comes from the same source as the familiar German patterns, but it's not a catalog for them. Instead, each issue comes with 70 or so complete, full-size patterns with superb instructions bound into the center of the magazine. Most of the clothes I make for myself come from this magazine, and I'm always happy with the results. The styles and construction methods are intriguing and different enough from the typical that each is a learning experience. In fact, the best part of my education has come from reading this magazine (and making lots of patterns from ready-to-wear) What I love most about these patterns is the great details in the clothing. Burda assumes that sewers still care about these things. By the way, the Burda patterns in the stores aren't at all the same. In my opinion, they're Velveeta - the magazine is the real thing. - B.E."

(Quoted with permission)


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