SEW News review

In the August 2006 issue of Sew News

Not every pattern comes in an evelope. Burda Plus Fashion magazine, from the German publishers of Burda World of Fashion magazine and Burda Patterns offers two issues per year, each with more than 20 complete patterns in European sizes 44 to 54 (US Sizes 14 to 26). Color features tout the included patterns and their designers, as well as offer fashion advice.

The multisize, multilingual patterns are printed in black, green, red and blue on large newsprint sheets folded and bound into the center of the magazine. Seam allowances aren't included. Size outlines, piece numbers, color keys and pattern sheet location are printed with the pattern overview diagram in the magazines pattern instruction section, also printed on newsprint paper.

Pattern-piece numbers are printed as reference numbers on the pattern sheet edges in the same color as the pattern piece outlines, located directly above or below these numbers. At first glance this system resembles a complicated roadmap and may take a bit of getting used to. To use the patterns, trace them onto tissue paper or transfer them using dressmaker's carbon onto heavier paper, adding or allowing for seam allowances. Be sure to copy all markings and wording from the pattern sheet onto the pattern pieces.


(Quoted with permission)


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