4/20/18 - Few delays

There are a few delays in mail delivery here and there, but nothing systemic or weather related at the moment. Please keep in mind that delivery is not guaranteed within a given number of days. amd your magazines will not always arrive on the same day of the week.

3/20/18 - Bad Weather

Delivery is slow at the moment as New Jersey has been hit with several snow storms in a row. Magazines are being mailed as soon as they come in, but the delivery process is being hampered by all the snow in the area.

2/16/18 - Various delays

Many subscribers are calling that they have not received issue 7 of many different weeklies like Bunte, Freizeitrevue, Neue Post and Frau im Spiegel. They were mailed on time on February 8, but are taking a long time to arrive. We don't know the reason for this delay.

Die Zeit issue 8 was misplaced by the airline this morning. We do not know if we can still mail it out this afternoon. If not, it will have to be mailed Tuesday Feb. 20, as the Monday is President's Day and the post office will be closed.

For all subscribers, please allow extra delivery time because of the holiday closure.

1/19/18 - Flight cancellation/mechanical problems

Stern and Die Zeit issues 4/18 did not arrive on time for today's mailing. The flight they were supposed to be on was cancelled for mechanical problems. They are scheduled to arrive this weekend and will be mailed Monday 22 Jan 2018. There are also lingering delays because of the M.L. King holiday earlier this week.

1/12/18 - Flight cancellation

Because of a flight cancellation, all issues 1/18 that were scheduled to be mailed on 28. and 29. December could not be mailed out until January 2nd, 2018. Issue 2/18 went out one day late because of a snow storm on the East Coast. Please take note that the Post Office will be closed on January 15 for the Martin Luther King holiday and allow for extra delivery time on issues 3/2018.

1/5/15 - Mail Service Standards as of January 2015

On January 5, 2015 the Postal Services announced lower service standards and slower mail delivery. This mail slowdown enables the closure or consolidation of 82 mail processing facilities and threatens up to 15,000 jobs.


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